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Bach flowers

Bach Flowers represent, in my opinion, an essential axis of naturopathy. I'emotion alone can be enough breath to create a wind of change, the dawn of a renewal of the interior climate.

Our whole being is like a musical instrument. If it is not tuned, then we will not be able to produce harmonious sounds. Bach flowers adjust our sensitive chords in order to restore the balance necessary. This is how we can play our music!

Bach flowers are effective for harmonize :

  • the emotions passengers

  • rooted emotions

  • the features of personality

  • the fulfillment staff

  • the situations of emergency

The Doctor Edward Bach discovered and developed these flower elixirs nearly a century ago. A brilliant doctor of his time, he was a surgeon, pathologist and bacteriologist. Anxious to find simple and effective remedies in depth, he ended up venturing down a path paved with flowers. The success of several decades is today the best proof of this efficiency. Certainly the many positive testimonials have contributed to this global success, but even more impressive are the results obtained on animals and plants. This is how the specter of the placebo effect recedes...

conseilé fleurs de bach cannes
conseillé fleurs de Bach naturopathe cannes
fleurs de bach cannes
conseillé élixirs floraux naturopathe cannes

"The conflict-free personality is immune to disease. » Dr Edward Bach

consultation fleurs de Bach cannes

Most people know the Rescue, it is Doctor Bach's emergency remedy that can be found in many pharmacies. It is composed of 5 Bach flowers. But there are 38 flowers and you can take up to 7 in a mixture personalized. In general, one of them corresponds to your personality. It can be of great help to you in certain circumstances. Better to consult an advisor to understand these 38 flowers and identify yours. It can also lead you to a certain independence in their use.

Examples of indications:

Impatiens for those who are irritated by the slowness of others​

consultation fleurs de Bach naturopathe cannes
cabinet fleurs de bach naturopathie cannes

Larch (Larch) is indicated for lack of self-confidence and worthlessness


The consultation is an exchange that lasts approximately one hour. You leave with a personalized bottle that we will have produced together.

The interview being confidential, it is a privileged moment to talk about yourself in complete freedom and in complete privacy. Naturopathy and Doctor Bach have this same philosophy of health, to find the cause.

I strive to be both a benevolent ear, an attentive professional and a human being concerned about the well-being of my neighbor.

naturopathe conseillé fleurs de bach cannes
conseil fleurs de Bach cannes 06400

A Bach flower counselor is not a psychologist, a psychiatrist, or even a psychotherapist. It is about identifying current emotions and personality imbalances that are holding back the harmony of your being. The interest of the past lies in the emotion it generates here and now. The key to a fulfilling future lies in the present.

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