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The two main ones are detoxification cures and revitalization cures. After a vitality check-up, it is very common for me to recommend a clever mix of the two. It usually takes a bit of revitalization in detox and vice versa. Like you, each cure is unique.

There rehab aims to eliminate overloads on the one hand and on the other hand to avoid adding new ones (emptying the water from the vase while continuing to fill it does not make sense...). However, it requires a lot of energy and many people venture into it without having sufficient vitality. It is sometimes better to start with a revitalization cure (you don't run a marathon with a cast...). There are techniques more geared towards detox like applying some massage specific or the use of certain plants.

There revitalization treatment makes you regain vital energy. To do this, you have to stop intoxicating your body (and sometimes also your mind), fill in any  deficiencies and promote behaviors that restore this energy. Moderate physical activity (and adapted to your temperament, your vitality, your tastes and your way of life) is an excellent revitalization technique, for example. Some Bach flowers can also release energies currently consumed by emotional imbalance.

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detox naturopathe cannes

Each cure is the result of an investigation during which the causes of your current state are sought. This is the reason why the vitality checks (consultations) take time...

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