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Naturopathy gives you the keys to an art of living to find the path to health or stay healthy.

Naturopathy is recognized as 3rd traditional medicine by the WHO (World Health Organization) and as non-conventional medicine by the European Parliament. Hippocrates (460/377 BC) would be its founding father thanks to the synthesis of ancient traditions. With at least 2500 years of history and evolution, naturopathy is therefore our traditional western medicine !

Naturopathy aims to understand how the body works and the real causes of disease or a malfunction. Harmony grows on agroundbalanced and therefore favorable to the self healing. A health pitch goes through the following laws:

  • Know to eat (in the broad sense, i.e. available organic food, quality water, oxygen, good thoughts, negative ions, light, etc.)

  • Eliminate what needs to be (detox of metabolic waste, absorbed toxins, but also bad thoughts just as harmful as a virus)

  • Alternate the activity and the rest for the body and the mind in general, but also for certain organs in particular (ex: digestive system)

  • Manage his mental, his emotions and his stress

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Alimentation Saine Naturopathe Cannes
Sport Santé Naturopathe Cannes
dormir comme un bébé naturopathe cannes

Definition of health according to the WHO (1946): “state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease ".

The consultation, called vitality check, generates recommendations. These are structured in a priest Personalised. It is based on different techniques.

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