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Detox Massage

massage relaxant naturopathe cannes

The practice of naturopathic detox massages requires a precise knowledge of the anatomy and the physiology.

Trained in Isupnat by a naturopath specializing in naturopathic massages, I perfected my skills with massage experts at the "Centre tout naturel" in Paris. It is one of the rare places where naturopathy and massages are in symbiosis. I learned to develop eyes at your fingertips to identify tensions.

But, in addition to quality training, only conscious and regular practice, driven by the will to progress and benevolence, leads to real knowledge and mastery.

Massaging then becomes a real assessment of the state of the tissues, the presence of tensions and load in toxins. This often leads to advice on lifestyle.

massage detox naturopathe cannes
reflexologie plantaire cannes

Naturopathic detox massages are intended to improve health physical, reduce stress and increase the vital energy.

These massages are performed with organic vegetable oils rich in omega 6 to nourish the skin. I select organic essential oils adapted to the particularities of each person (relaxation, drainage, cellulite, muscle pain, etc.).

The following 3 types of massages detox to different depths and degrees.


Anti-stress, ce massage aims to disconnect you and put you on the nervous system of rest and regeneration. This is the massage to "put your body and your head on vacation". Thanks to letting go, your body produces certain well-being hormones such as Oxytocin or Endorphins.

Duration: 1h to 1h30

soin énergétique reiki cannes


It involves mobilizing the accumulated toxins and putting them into circulation so that the body eliminates them.This massage is a regeneration intended to revitalize and give new energy. It is moderately supported. Intended to circulate the moods, this massage mobilizes the lymph in particular. It lies between the Deep and the Relaxing.

Duration: 1h To 1h30

massage drainant naturopathe cannes


The Deep massage is a high pressure massage aimed at reducing muscle tension and deeply draining the body to eliminate toxins. The work on the knots that we have in the back and the calves is very appreciated by athletes. This massage allows the body to free itself and cleanse itself. It brings mobility and calm.

Duration: 1h To 1h30

massage drainant detox naturopathe cannes

Massages can be performed on a particular area such as the back, legs, shoulders, etc. and thus be associated with dynamic suction cups. The addition of the two techniques makes it possible to create a synergy that is all the more beneficial to the targeted area.

Massage naturopathe cannes
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