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Who am I ?

Which naturopath?

I was trained to ISUPNAT (Higher Institute of Naturopathy) in Paris. She is part of the FENA (French Federation of Naturopathic Schools) which for me is a guarantee of quality. A very thorough teaching in anatomy and physiology was dispensed by biologists, doctors And naturopaths. Experts in massage, herbal medicine and other specialties completed a top-flight teaching staff.

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I then explored the Bach flowers by following the 3 levels of the Bach foundation to become a counsellor.


I also developed my natural abilities for massage by improving myself naturally center in Paris.

Naturopathy is holistic, she therefore considers being as a whole and makes it a point of honor to seek out the causes Imbalances. It is a generalist approach, while the massages bring me a sensitive understanding of the body and the Bach flowers open the book of emotions to me. I wanted to have this global vision of being.

Why naturopath?

I had already been interested for many years in natural remedies, healthy food. I dreamed of combining nature and health. Life has placed friends with serious health concerns in my path. I spent years trying to help them, getting information, trying to find solutions. My discoveries have enriched my knowledge and revealed to me my vocation. I had been moving towards naturopathy for several years.

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And then life made me understand... All this energy spent on my loved ones added to the fatigue caused by my job, my jobs in fact. I had neglected an essential element, me. My health was deteriorating and the effects were becoming more and more devastating. I could no longer carry a suitcase, every effort was torture... I was told about fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, functional colopathy, burn-out...

At the edge of the abyss, I discovered naturopathy. She saved my life. From then on the path was clear.

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And before naturopathy?

To be a naturopath, unless initiated by his family since childhood, it is often preferable to have an experience. Naturopathy requires a certain maturity and knowledge of human beings. When I was young, I went to business school, then I navigated between finance, internet, theater and cinema. The richness of my background has allowed me to know very different people and backgrounds. It was an ideal training to better understand the great diversity of unique beings that a naturopath is led to meet.

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