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Vitality check

A vitality check-up is a consultation of naturopathy. There is an "inventory of the situation". Moment of sharing and research of causes, it lasts about 2 hours.

In naturopathy, the vitalityis also called energy, life force or vital energy. It is the "fuel". This is the whole difference between dead matter and living matter. To get on the path to health and self-healing, vitality is the key. The body knows how to perform miracles, if given the means. The ground is also a key. Claude Bernard said “ The land is everything, the microbe is nothing ». Our terrain represents the type and state of our "vehicle" (the body).

To make your assessment, it is necessary to determine what is your temperament, to estimate your natural vitality (innate, your heritage) and acquired (according to your pace of life, your environment, your current and past activities, etc.). From this assessment is established a personality unique with its strengths and points of progress. It is only from there, according to your health concerns or your needs for improvement, that we can determine a priest with its recommendations. Your cure will be unique, personalized and tailored to you. It is not valid for anyone else and it will no longer be suitable at another time.

We start from where you are and go where you want, while respecting your motivation, your needs, your desires and the possibilities offered by nature.


Here are the main stages of a vitality check :

  • Morphology study

  • Iridology

  • Anamnesis

  • Conclusion

  • Recommendation of cures

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morphologie naturopathie cannes
iridologie naturopathe cannes

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