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La lumière nourrit votre santé Cannes Naturopathe Boris Heinkele

Let yourself be guided on the path to your health

Welcome. I am naturopath installed at walking sticks in the Alpes-Maritimes (06).


I accompany you to improve your health by natural methods. Diet, stress management, body movement, quality of sleep, environment, weight, etc., EVERYTHING has an influence on your well-being. We are the fruit of a slowevolution, it is therefore essential to go to the sense of nature and understand our needs.

Cannes 06400 Naturopathe Alpes Maritimes

Digestive problems, weight loss, stress-related overwork, detox, sports performance, fatigue, autoimmune diseases and many other ailments, I help you optimize your health and find your way back to self healing. My role is to accompany you to understand who you are and how you operate. I give you the keys to your health.

I am a “Naturopathic Health Practitioner” certified by the Higher Institute of Naturopathy (ISUPNAT), approved by the Federation of Naturopathy (FÉNA) and member of Omnes. As naturopathy is a global traditional medicine, I deepened my ability to act on emotions and on the body. I am therefore also an adviser in Bach flowers and I practice massage Detox anti-stress relaxing and draining.

“ Naturopathy is an art: it requires an appreciation of the human body, the psychology of the individual and his living conditions. » Alain Rousseau

I consult at my office of naturopathy in Cannes. To make an appointment click on the button: 

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