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Dynamic Suction Cups
Massage Cupping™

Massage cupping Ventouses

The practice of dynamic cupping is a real cupping massage. It is a form of using cupping different from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hijama, Egyptian, Greek or other traditional techniques.


Dynamic cupping comes to us from the United States where a cupping specialist and a massage expert have jointly developed this new technique called Massage Cupping™ across the Atlantic.

Dynamic suction cups are almost always in motion. They thus have a very strong coherence with naturopathy since their main objective is to work on toxins, engorged tissues, the circulation of the lymph and the aeration of tissues through adhesions, scars, cellulite, pain. chronicles, etc.

Ventouse massage cupping
ventouse lifting visage

I trained at the Official European Center for Massage Cupping™ in Flayosc. This transmission was carried out by the one who was at the source of this new discipline.


He was accompanied by a naturopathic doctor, thus adding to the quality of the teaching and the understanding of the physiological action of this technique.


Dynamic cupping fits perfectly into naturopathy as a drainage and detox technique. 

massage cupping Ventouse
massage cupping Ventouse

Indeed, the suction cups dynamics work above all on the circulation of the lymph in order to ensure better drainage and better elimination of toxins. It is therefore a liberating detox, a practice so dear to naturopathy. Multiple uses are possible. We can thus help to:


  • help eliminate cellulite,

  • drain engorged and painful parts (heavy legs, limbs with poor circulation),

  • relieve joints,

  • release adhesions,

  • reduce scars,

  • restore mobility,

  • move stagnations,

  • relieve inflammation,

  • calm the nervous system,

  • and many more apps...

lifting visage ventouse
Ventouse massage cupping

It takes between 30 minutes and 1h20 per dynamic cupping session. The duration varies according to the zones. Apart from the face lift, a dynamic cupping session generally includes 2 areas. Here are some examples of dynamic cupping sessions for 2 zones:


  • Legs and Belly,

  • Back and Belly,

  • Arm and face...


The facelift can be done alone and the session then lasts 30 minutes.

Each session of dynamic cupping can be done individually or as part of a package of 10 sessions (the 11th is offered or can be offered as a gift). The effect of the sessions being cumulative, it is preferable to do several to obtain a better result but also for a more lasting result. You can perform up to 3 per week, knowing that it is generally preferable to leave at least one day of rest between 2 sessions.

It is quite possible, and even sometimes highly beneficial, to combine dynamic suction cups and naturopathic massage draining or detox. It is thus possible to work on an area, both with the dynamic suction cups and through the naturopathic massage.


It is a specific work aiming both at the recirculation of stagnant tissues, at remodeling but also, of course, at mobilizing adhesions such as "orange peel skin".

The type of cellulite will determine the action to be performed with cupping. Cellulite can sometimes be very painful because the area is highly inflamed and it is then that you have to operate with caution and gradually.

ventouse massage cupping

Back pain

The action of the dynamic suction cups makes it possible on the one hand, to reduce the inflammation of engorged tissues by restoring a circulation beneficial to the evacuation of toxins. On the other hand, cupping will help restore blood circulation in areas where it is stagnant and insufficient. In addition, the tendons will be able to benefit from drainage and thus reduce the sensations of painful knots, blockages, etc.

ventouse massage cupping
ventouse massage cupping

Leg drainage

Heavy, swollen, painful legs, problem of cellulite, difficult blood circulation, painful knee or even ankle, the dynamic suction cups will be used in a personalized way according to your particularities. Draining the legs with dynamic suction cups acts on the lymph, blood, tendons, ligaments, stasis, inflammation, joints, etc. while having a particular focused attention.

face lift

ventouse massage cupping

Duration 30min

The facelift is gentle and precise. Cupping helps to reshape the face, tighten tissue, reduce wrinkles, make circulate facial fluids and toxins.

The beneficial effects of facelift with dynamic suction cups are numerous and not invasive. A session will be effective for an evening and a few more days. Several lifting sessions will be necessary for a more lasting result.

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